How To Avoid Calling a Clogged Toilet Repair Plumber in Jacksonville Beach

clogged toilet repair in Jacksonville Beach FloridaHaving a clogged toilet is very inconvenient. Apart from the costly repairs, you would also have to busy yourself with messy clean-ups. Clogs do not happen randomly. It is a consequence of many wrong practices that homeowners have been doing. Avoid calling a clogged toiled repair plumber in Jacksonville Beach when you do these steps.

Have It Inspected Regularly

It doesn’t mean that you’re going to hire a licensed Jacksonville plumber for this task. You can do this on your own. First, inspect the insides of the water closet and make sure that there are no damaged parts. Next, check if the floating bar’s metal part has rust already. The rubber flap should also fit the hole securely so water will not leak.

Fix Running or Leaking Water Right Away

Do not wait for running or leaking water to get worse and have it fixed right away. Doing so will not only help save precious water but also lessen your water expenses.

Never Flush Toilets Down The Drain

Be careful in flushing items down the drain. Even some toilet paper and flushable wipes can cause you to call a plumber for clogged toilet repair in Jacksonville Beach. Read the labels carefully to be sure that you can flush it down the drain.

Refrain From Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners may do more harm than good to your sewer system. In fact, some caustic drain cleaners can melt items that will eventually cause clogging in your system. A licensed Jacksonville plumber’s wise alternatives are organic drain cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar. It’s not only safe but affordable as well.

Call a Clogged Toilet Repair Plumber in Jacksonville Beach from Plumbers 911

In case you already have a clogged toilet, just call a licensed Jacksonville Beach plumber from Plumber’s 911 to help you. Plumbers 911 has a wide network of professional plumbing experts who are available 24/7. Call (904) 360-8444 today to set an appointment.

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Signals That Say You Need a Water Heater Replacement in Brookline

water heater repair Brookline plumberWater heater replacement in Brookline is usually disregarded by homeowners that ought to not be the case. Trust me, it’s not too good to take an ice-cold shower at dawn but it’s a whole lot worse to spend a lot of money in wasted precious water. When this occurs, perhaps it’s time for you to consider getting your water heater unit changed.

Listed here are the common indications that will let you know it’s time to have a licensed Brookline plumber replace your water heater:


Leaking sometimes happens not just in old water heater units but as well as in brand new ones. These begin as slow leaks that usually go unobserved until the time it brings about major plumbing issues in your home. Signs and symptoms to watch out for include rusting and damp or moldy pipes or base. It’s irresistible to do the fixing yourself but, at this stage, change is the better option.

Years of Use

A water heater unit’s life-span is often only around ten (10) years. My suggestion is always to upgrade the unit once the approved warranty expires. Likewise, have a regular water heater maintenance or inspection timetable. It could possibly also be best to look for leaks and corrosion and to wash out sediment build-up from the tank no less than twice a year. Unsure how old your water heating system is? My friend, it’s time for you to buy another one!

Water Heat Concerns

If you’re having difficulties with the temperature of the water your water heater generates, it might be time to buy another one. One reason for this issue is sediment accumulation and deterioration of the unit’s burner. Yes, burners may be substituted and it can help you save some amount of money. Nevertheless, it will be determined by the age of your tank.

Metal Taste or Existence of Rust

Tank rusting leads to hot water to have a metal taste or smell. Even worse, water could have a reddish-brown tint. This is a big deal and will definitely need replacement.

Constant Repairs

Minor fixes within only a year or much less spell changing. This is your totally obvious signal to replace your water heater.

Water Heater Replacement in Brookline by Plumbers 911

Do you need help with this project in your Brookline home? Call Plumbers 911 (855) 550-9911 to schedule a visit today and a licensed Brookline plumber will be at your doorstep right away. Meanwhile, watch this to learn more about Plumbers 911:

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Looking for an Independence Plumber? Here’s My Advice

plumbing-services-independence-moI have mentioned in my last post about my mad carpentry skills and how coincidentally my last name is Carpenter. Excuse me if this sounds like I am blowing my own horn here, but it’s like I was born for the job. Additionally, if there’s one thing aside from carpentry that I am really good at, that would be plumbing. I guess I might have said that a few times already in my previous posts, but that doesn’t make it any less true. I am actually a great DIY plumber; I am almost as good as a licensed one.

But that’s where the problem lies.

I may be skilled and experienced in this industry as I claimed to be, but I can’t sell my services for a living. I can pretend to be a licensed technician, but I don’t want to, and I won’t ever. This is why I don’t understand why some contractors would pretend to be experts when they are not. Totally not cool.

I think this is worth repeating several times so I won’t be misunderstood: I am no expert (just awesomely good at it), but if you need someone properly trained and equipped to do repairs, I know some certified plumbers who are steadfast at their job.

I remember getting a call from a family friend just a few months ago. They have a problematic toilet that seems to always clog and Aunt wants me to come over and help them. As much as I want to, I don’t have proper certifications and insurance and helping them can make things complicated. What I did was refer to them to Plumbers 911 in Independence. I knew this plumbing company from before and I have heard good reviews about them so I didn’t think twice recommending them. Turned out I wasn’t wrong about them. Up to this day, Aunt is grateful to have hired these contractors.

If you need Independence plumber to do toilet repairs or other plumbing services in your residence in Missouri, dial this number right away: (816) 656-2524. Also here is a video from which you can learn more about them:

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Ensure That Your Gas Installations Are Safe in Your Kansas City Home

gas-pipesAccidents can happen anywhere and anytime if you do not keep an eye on your hazardous equipment. Gas systems are considered hazardous as it could blow up anytime if not properly installed and maintained. Important fixtures like the gas systems has to be handled by a professional plumber so as not to put anyone in danger.

For your safety, it is highly recommend to hire a professional plumbing service to take over this kind of job. I’ve found great experts to call like Plumbers 911 in Kansas City MO, that can assure you that they have the capabilities and skills to perform gas installations properly and safely.

Gas installation is a very risky procedure thus requires a licensed plumber to facilitate. Avoid fly-by-night plumbing companies as this kind of technicians usually lack training and normally do not carry any certification or licenses. Most likely these plumbers are not insured either.

A reliable plumbing technician normally has connections in the gas service industry, thus, their recommendation is important. Some of what they offer are installations of new founders, water heaters with gas connections, and gas detection. They can also help you detect gas leaks and its location with the use of their specialized devices. In scenarios where you can smell the gas leaks in your home, contact the licensed plumbers immediately for help.


A good gas service company may offer some or all of the following:

  • Gas installations – very handy when it comes to barbeque grills. You will not need propane bottles anymore as gas lines will be installed already to your barbeque grills.
  • New founder installations, water heaters with gas connections.
  • Gas detection devices – used to detect gas leaks and its locations using specialized devices.
  • Re-plumbing – this is if you need to revamp your entire house’s gas pipes by plumbing it all over again.

A specific company where you could usually find these services is Plumbers 911 Missouri.  They usually offer these services pretty easily so you can contact them in just one go. With safety and quality considered to be the top priorities, you can never go wrong on their hazard-free gas installation procedure.

It is important for a licensed plumber to undergo safety training and licensing to ensure their reliability on such tasks. Go for the trusted choice and never compromise your safety.


Plumbers 911 techs usually acquire at least 60 hours of classroom training about proper gas installations and further knowledge about its safety precautions. They have a certificate in propane installation based in Missouri and it is highly required in their job for them to have a license for plumbing.

In short, it is very important to hire plumbing professionals who know the importance of what’s at stake in their jobs and not just some fly-by-night service companies. The safety of you, your family, and your property should be considered in utmost importance as this is life we are talking about.

Learn valuable gas safety tips! Watch this video!

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Four Easy Ways to Unclog the Tub Drain in Your Miami Home

unclog-tub-drain-in-Miami-FLReady to soak in a warm, relaxing bath after a long day?  Right after you’ve melted all the stress away and scrubbed up, you then realize that the water in your tub is NOT draining well. What could possibly be wrong? What should you do to unclog your tub drain?

Try to minimize the stagnant water in your tub – Get a pail and a bucket and pour some water there.  You need to do this to have a better view of your drain cover. Then, you can begin.

Here are four simple ways:

1 .Remove the drain cover – Unscrew it if necessary. Then, remove the tub stopper (some tubs have this) Try to get as much hair as you can stuck on the stopper.


2. You can also use an old wire hanger – Straighten it, then bend it at the end to make it look like a hook.  Insert it in the drainage and use it to get hair, scum and other obstructions.

3. Use a drain claw – Give it a twist by working your way around the opening, allowing it to grab as much as hair as it can with its almost one hundred interlocking hooks.

use-a-wire-coat-hanger-to-unclog-drains4. Make a DIY drain hair remover – Get some plastic strapping tape (the ones used for boxes/ crates), cut it around thirty inches, then cut the sides with a pair of scissors. This creates snags for the hair and scum. This works by pushing it down the drain, then run some water once you are done to wash away any remaining particles.

If you’re encountering a really stubborn clog and if these steps don’t solve the problem, give your local licensed Miami plumber a call. They are trained professionals who can provide you efficient service and emergency plumbing repairs.

Meanwhile, check out this video that showcases a demo on how to unclog a bathtub drain!

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So What Should I Write About?

Forgive my lame blog title. Seriously, I have spent the last three weeks building this blog site and now that I finally got everything set up, it seems as though I am lost for words — or topics to write about. I have planned about this site for such a long time that I totally forgot to make my own editorial calendar. LOL How awkward is that?!

Anyway, I’m Jonathan Carpenter and I know you’d be amazed by this — I love carpentry. It’s true. My parents definitely didn’t plan for our last name. So I must say it is a big coincidence to have Carpenter as my last name after all. But aside from carpentry, I am also a skilled plumber. Yes, you got that right!

I love installing appliances like washing machines, garbage disposal machines and water heaters. I am also into performing repairs and fixing pipe connections. But if there’s one thing that I hate about plumbing, that would be unclogging toilets! Don’t we all? It’s a man’s job, they say. But I beg to disagree. Even if you’re a man, once you smell that stinky septic gas and you haven’t even eaten yet, that’s going to be dooms day for you! Haha

So anyway, let me welcome you to my blog! Bear with my poor humor and corny jokes. I’ll try to make your reading experience as fun and as worthwhile as I can!


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