Looking for an Independence Plumber? Here’s My Advice

plumbing-services-independence-moI have mentioned in my last post about my mad carpentry skills and how coincidentally my last name is Carpenter. Excuse me if this sounds like I am blowing my own horn here, but it’s like I was born for the job. Additionally, if there’s one thing aside from carpentry that I am really good at, that would be plumbing. I guess I might have said that a few times already in my previous posts, but that doesn’t make it any less true. I am actually a great DIY plumber; I am almost as good as a licensed one.

But that’s where the problem lies.

I may be skilled and experienced in this industry as I claimed to be, but I can’t sell my services for a living. I can pretend to be a licensed technician, but I don’t want to, and I won’t ever. This is why I don’t understand why some contractors would pretend to be experts when they are not. Totally not cool.

I think this is worth repeating several times so I won’t be misunderstood: I am no expert (just awesomely good at it), but if you need someone properly trained and equipped to do repairs, I know some certified plumbers who are steadfast at their job.

I remember getting a call from a family friend just a few months ago. They have a problematic toilet that seems to always clog and Aunt wants me to come over and help them. As much as I want to, I don’t have proper certifications and insurance and helping them can make things complicated. What I did was refer to them to Plumbers 911 in Independence. I knew this plumbing company from before and I have heard good reviews about them so I didn’t think twice recommending them. Turned out I wasn’t wrong about them. Up to this day, Aunt is grateful to have hired these contractors.

If you need Independence plumber to do toilet repairs or other plumbing services in your residence in Missouri, dial this number right away: (816) 656-2524. Also here is a video from which you can learn more about them:

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