So What Should I Write About?

Forgive my lame blog title. Seriously, I have spent the last three weeks building this blog site and now that I finally got everything set up, it seems as though I am lost for words — or topics to write about. I have planned about this site for such a long time that I totally forgot to make my own editorial calendar. LOL How awkward is that?!

Anyway, I’m Jonathan Carpenter and I know you’d be amazed by this — I love carpentry. It’s true. My parents definitely didn’t plan for our last name. So I must say it is a big coincidence to have Carpenter as my last name after all. But aside from carpentry, I am also a skilled plumber. Yes, you got that right!

I love installing appliances like washing machines, garbage disposal machines and water heaters. I am also into performing repairs and fixing pipe connections. But if there’s one thing that I hate about plumbing, that would be unclogging toilets! Don’t we all? It’s a man’s job, they say. But I beg to disagree. Even if you’re a man, once you smell that stinky septic gas and you haven’t even eaten yet, that’s going to be dooms day for you! Haha

So anyway, let me welcome you to my blog! Bear with my poor humor and corny jokes. I’ll try to make your reading experience as fun and as worthwhile as I can!


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