Four Easy Ways to Unclog the Tub Drain in Your Miami Home

unclog-tub-drain-in-Miami-FLReady to soak in a warm, relaxing bath after a long day?  Right after you’ve melted all the stress away and scrubbed up, you then realize that the water in your tub is NOT draining well. What could possibly be wrong? What should you do to unclog your tub drain?

Try to minimize the stagnant water in your tub – Get a pail and a bucket and pour some water there.  You need to do this to have a better view of your drain cover. Then, you can begin.

Here are four simple ways:

1 .Remove the drain cover – Unscrew it if necessary. Then, remove the tub stopper (some tubs have this) Try to get as much hair as you can stuck on the stopper.


2. You can also use an old wire hanger – Straighten it, then bend it at the end to make it look like a hook.  Insert it in the drainage and use it to get hair, scum and other obstructions.

3. Use a drain claw – Give it a twist by working your way around the opening, allowing it to grab as much as hair as it can with its almost one hundred interlocking hooks.

use-a-wire-coat-hanger-to-unclog-drains4. Make a DIY drain hair remover – Get some plastic strapping tape (the ones used for boxes/ crates), cut it around thirty inches, then cut the sides with a pair of scissors. This creates snags for the hair and scum. This works by pushing it down the drain, then run some water once you are done to wash away any remaining particles.

If you’re encountering a really stubborn clog and if these steps don’t solve the problem, give your local licensed Miami plumber a call. They are trained professionals who can provide you efficient service and emergency plumbing repairs.

Meanwhile, check out this video that showcases a demo on how to unclog a bathtub drain!

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